CC Early March Update

Yellow Ruffle Dress: 1

Big Bird References: 0

So the yellow ruffled dress was a big hit.  Granted I had it slightly hidden under my favorite black blazer but I feel like I captured its essence and am now looking forward to breaking it out sans leggings and blazer come spring. 

For those who might be interested...to recap:  it is $19.95, also available in blue and there are still dresses available in both colors at HM stores as of recently.

If you are looking for something fun and frivolous, I say stop on by and give this dress a whirl. 

You can be the Cookie Monster to my Big Bird.

People seemed to really love the Delicate Demeanor Necklace from Francesca's Collection.

Now it is available in white!  The perfect go-with-anything option with spring dresses in any color.  I think perhaps it could even go with my yellow ruffled dress or favorite green blouse.  I had a necklace similar to this last year and I ended up breaking it because I wore it so much.

Delicate Demeanor Necklace
$24 at Francesca's Collection To Buy

Lastly, I have decided I don't like the scent Carried Away from Bath and Body Works...too floral and sweet.  And my nutmeg zebra flip-flops were the perfect beach footwear.  Now they are in hiding until the weather changes.  They are sad zebras.

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