Brown Braided Belt

Believe it or not every season has an "it" belt.

Perhaps you recall this "it" belt and the hundreds of copycat versions that had fashionistas everywhere paying as much as $200 to get the same look as Carrie.

I must confess.  Not one to miss out on any trend, I own a $5 imitation of this belt.  However, that is not the confession.  The imitation I own is a size too small and once when I exhaled, some of the studs popped off.  One of the rebellious studs stills sits in my desk mocking my self-control; a reminder of one very important fashion rule: no matter how good the price, if something doesn't fit, don't buy it.

I digress.  Where I am going with this is my overall relief that this year's "it" belt is one bred in versatility and flexibility.  No popping studs here!  Just some brown leather and a simple braid.

Leather Skinny Braid Belt
$26.90 at The Limited and thelimited.com To Buy
(Also available in yellow...so cute)

The idea is to get the belt long enough it will fit around your hips or in your belt loops.  But when you pull the belt to your waist, you will tuck the tail in and/or let it dangle.  Knot it for a less conventional look.

I recommend finding a belt no larger than an inch in width.  The idea is to casually throw it on over what you are wearing and have it sit on top, not cinch like a normal belt.  Almost like you are not even wearing a belt.  Any larger in width will be too heavy and difficult to twist and wrap...and that's the whole point.

Braided leather belt
$45 at jcrew.com To Buy

I love a honey leather and think it is the perfect accent to some of Spring's most important trends: coral, tunics, shades of neutral and lace.

Shop around and I am sure you will find a version of this belt most anywhere in a variety of prices.  Faux leather will get you the look for under $15 and is easier to twist.  Whereas leather will run you in the $30 range and have more substance to it; ideal for sitting on your hips.  Prefer to have more of an investment piece for years to come?  Check J.Crew and Banana Republic at around $50.

See below for more brown braided belt (say that 3 times fast) options:

Brown Braided Belt

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