Beauty Buy #5: Carried Away

I haven't done a formal Beauty Buy in a bit so brace yourself for some riveting info!

If you are a sophisticate like me, then you probably spend your Monday nights in front of the tv.  I counted on Monday nights and between actually watching a show and DVR'ing a show, I am up to 8.5 hours of tv I watch and/or record.  It is an even 9 hours if Pawn Stars is 2 new episodes.

Don't ask me why, but The Bachelor is given top billing as the show I watch live above all others.  While watching The Most Dramatic Bachelor Episode Ever, my 2 hours of tv are inundated with commercials from Bath and Body Works advertising their new scent "Carried Away."  And yes, I was carried away by their marketing ploy. Into the Bath and Body Works store I went to give Carried Away a try.  I am such an easy target.

Carried Away Shower Gel
$10.50 at Bath and Body Works To Buy

However this time I was smarter than here and here and started with a small sample size for $5 before deciding if I could commit to a full size bottle.

I will tell you this.  I like it.  I am not ready to commit to really liking or love just yet but willing to keep trying.  The ingredients are all my typical faves: raspberries and whipped vanilla.  A hint of white jasmine rounds out the profile.  The scent is a little sweet and I think that is what is holding me back.  

Or it could be that B&BW has billed Carried Away as reminiscent of the way love sweeps you off your feet.  Isn't that is taking it too far for shower gel?  No Bath and Body Works, I think you are getting carried away.

So I will like Carried Away but I am not quite swept off my feet just yet.  Stay tuned.

CC Tip:  Start with a small travel size of Bath and Body Works scents before stocking up on a new scent.  It saves you from sinking money into a scent you may end up disliking.

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