Reason to Splurge #1 -- Marc by Marc Jacobs Knit Jeans

Black Knit Jeans
$228 Marc by Marc Jacobs

The jegging hybrid: part jean / part legging is like the new black pants.  It's everywhere, and for good reason.  Can you even think of one thing you can't wear with them?  Fine.  Underneath a swimsuit.

Why It Is Worth the Investment:  The knit is very luxurious and thick.  The denim-styling pockets add another protective layer between cellulite and the viewing public.  One of the features I love is the extra length for the perfect bunchy look around your ankle or you can pull the fabric down over your heel for my favorite L&L (long and lean) illusion.  Literally I have worn these pants so much when you divide out the price by wears, it is no more than a penny.  They are worth saving for.

How You Can Keep Your CC Status:  These black knit jeans are not for the petite and are meant more for heels than flats.  The cut is more contemporary which means it runs small and fitted; the rise is low.  Also, not so much an underneath tall boot pant.  That's it....it breaks my heart to even say that much about the loves of my life.

Size up.  You won't notice the difference between the 2 sizes but will be glad you did.  

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