Elegant flip-flop

Boca jeweled flip-flops
$24.50 at J. Crew

What an elegant go-to in your closet when you need a fancy flip-flop.

What I like: #1....there is not a whole lot not to like about flip-flops.  I think most women can relate to the need to have a pair of flip-flops in their wardrobe they can throw on with a great summer dress to add a finished polished.  Even better, keep them in your purse when your killer heels begin to hurt at events.  It's like jewelry for your feet without the toe ring.

What I wear it with:  Although it is still a little chilly, these flip-flops paired nicely with my black cotton sundress as well with my black cotton skirt and white tee.  If spring has not sprung, how about jeans and a tee with some cute jewels?  Make sure you go ankle length or capri.  I love the polished yet casual combo -- very Vera.

Only come in full sizes -- I size-up because I prefer a little extra room with my flops.  Read: no feet hanging off the sides.  May have to order online as stores were limited in sizes.

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